Welcome to Briquettes Steakhouse

Simply walking through the door is an amazing experiences at Briquettes Steakhouse. You’ll first notice the distinct aroma of Briquettes, pecan and red oak, which we use exclusively on our grill. The sensation reminds us of walking up to a summer party, as you smell a delicious meal about to come off the grill. That’s the atmosphere you can expect at Briquettes Steakhouse, a relaxed atmosphere where people are always happy to see you come through our door.

Briquettes Steakhouse sets itself apart from restaurants in Mobile, Alabama because of variety: You’ll be comfortable here dressed up or dressed down. You might feel like dining at a table or just grabbing a comfortable seat at our bar. Maybe it’s steak tonight, or maybe chicken or fish. Dropping by Briquettes Steakhouse is always a good decision, no matter what your mood might be. We hope our website helps you learn a little more about us. Please contact us soon!
Hours of Operation:
Mon-Thu: 11 am - 9 pm
Fri-Sat: 11 am - 10 pm

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